narethanaal text

shmuli aigea thesat toled enkape kernagra potos to honetseselora frent yest to dikepa ajo to urga ajo to nehdikepa... giferen derol to honetseselora frent yest sokraa... to honetseselora sokraa denka frent taemaam sokraa... sesed tanaden sosho to honetseselora frent liath sokraa drende tanaden yaeba kwahi forzan sokra... frent dolor nehfoforase delor: tjek ajo rogferath torza honetgratmemenai klatura awi frent thare tiota fosforo... tiota joajo tanaden grat teatera tanaden nehjujuntivaa klatura onaiyos to honetgratmemenai aige fordea jsut ajo anlai torza kethalanora...

shmuli aige-a thesat toled enkape kernagra potos to honet-se-selora frent yest to dikep-a ajo to urg-a ajo to neh-dikep-a... giferen derol to honet-se-selora frent yest sokra-a... to honet-se-selora sokra-a denka frent taemaam sokra-a... se-sed tanaden sosho to honet-se-selora frent liath sokra-a drende tanaden yaeba kwahi forzan sokra...
frent dolor neh-fo-forase delor: tjek ajo rogferath torza honet-grat-me-menai klatura awi frent thare tiot-a fo-sforo... tiot-a jo-ajo tanaden grat te-atera tanaden neh-ju-juntiva-a klatura onaiyos to honet-grat-me-menai aige forde-a jsut ajo anlai torza kethalanor-a...

narethanaal glossary

-a       plural marker
aige     green
aigea    plants/vegetation/grass
ajo      and/also/too
anlai    to make/create
atera    beloved
awi      possible tense (acts like adverb possibly)
denka    to think
derol    being
dikep    old
dolor    to say
drende   bone
enkape   to surround
forase   to specify
forde    scar (doesn't have the negative connotations of scar... more
like "mark")
forzan   but
frent    present tense
giferen  greedy
grat     less
honet    time
jsut     to dance
juntiva  goodbye
kernagra sharp
kethalanor fairy
klatura  future
kwahi    to tear/rip
liath    to believe
menai    hot
nehdikep young
nehjuntiva  hello
onaiyos  to give to
potos    rock
rogferath to wander
sed      true
selora   cold
sforo    nice
shmuli   fuzzy
sokra    he/she/it
sosho    to know the difference between right and wrong
taemaam  to pursue
tanaden  with
thare    possessive marker of the form thare possessor possessed
thesat   by (in the vicinity of)
tiot     you
tjek     to rule/lead
to       the
toled    happening always
torza    when/while
urg      sick/ill (adj)
yaeba    flesh
yest     to be

narethanaal grammar notes

Smooth English translation

The elderly, the sick, and the children perceive winter as a sharp rock surrounded by soft grass. The winter is a greedy being. They think the winter pursues them. Truly, they believe winter knows the difference between right and wrong, but it tears flesh with bone [anyway]. Someone says, "While spring wanders and rules, you will possibly possess kindness. And you will give the spring friendly greetings while fairies dance and make green markings [in the world]."

[the things in brackets indicate something implicit in the narethanaal text that there aren't actually words denoting, but that make the english translation more smooth]